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AFC South Week 10 Review & Week 11 Preview

Kiefer O'Boyle looks back on an action packed week in the AFC South, before looking to Week 11.

Tennessee Titans (8-2) 23-21 New Orleans Saints (5-4)

Takeaway 1: I’m probably slightly (definitely) biased when it comes to breaking down this game, but I’ll be the one to say it- the Titans were fortunate to walk away with a win. Credit where its due though they took advantage of the Saints’ various mishaps and miskicks which on another day wouldn’t have happened. Having said all that, that’s the Titans taking care of another winning team and without Derrick Henry they are still undefeated.

Takeaway 2: Speaking of Derrick Henry, the Titans struggled to get anything going in the run game however it was against a stingy run defence. The good sign for Tennessee is that Ryan Tannehill stepped up again and made plays when they were needed.

Indianapolis Colts (5-5) 23-17 Jacksonville Jaguars (2-7)

Takeaway 1: The Colts were up 17-zip early in this game and yet it ended with Jacksonville probably feeling like they could have done enough to win on another day. This is a poor Jags defence, and it will continue to worry Frank Reich how easily his offence can be figured out. If you can stop Jonathon Taylor making plays and put pressure on Wentz, the mistakes will come. However, a win is a win and as we enter the second half of the season that’s all that matters.

Takeaway 2: The Jags continue to look decent in parts and out of sorts in others. In particular the defence looked good this week forcing the Colts to stumble to a lot of 3 and out possessions. It was the offence this time that ultimately couldn’t help out this week.

Week 11 Preview

Indianapolis Colts (5-5) @ Buffalo Bills (6-3)

Is there a lot of difference in these teams? No not really, they’re both capable of winning and losing this game. They actually share a lot in common when it comes to not feeling like they are living up to their pre-season expectations. However, when it comes down to it, the Bills are the better team if they play like they can and at home they should be favoured.

Prediction: Bills 27-21

SF 49ers (4-5) @ Jacksonville Jaguars (2-7)

The 49ers will come into this game extra hyped after beating the Rams on MNF. They will know that they are right in the race for both the division and the playoffs, and they can let a game go against the Jags, who despite playing hard, aren’t on the same level.

Prediction: 49ers 30-10

Houston Texans (1-8) @ Tennessee Titans (8-2)

Given how ridiculous some of the games have been this season could I absolutely definitively rule out the Texans winning? No, I can’t simply because the Titans aren’t immune to awful losses against bad teams and with this much of a lead in the division it’s hard not to let your guard down for a single game. Having said that, if Tennessee keep their eye on the ball then this should be a straightforward win.

Prediction: Titans 21-7

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